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Westend Dental has been providing professional and reliable preventative dentistry for over 35 years. We are committed to helping you detect and treat oral diseases with comprehensive oral examinations and dental cleaning procedures in Kingston and surrounding areas.


Our restorative dentistry services include:

Oral examination: A complete examination of the teeth, gums, jawbones and the tissues surrounding the areas is carried out to ensure your oral health. Our dentist usually discusses your diet, brushing and flossing techniques and evaluates the risk of developing oral health problems in the future.

Periodontal examination: Periodontal exams help dentists to diagnose gum diseases, gingivitis and periodontitis. These examinations also determine the evidence of receding gums, exposed roots and other oral problems.

Tooth examination: Tooth examinations can reveal any kind of damage across the gum and tooth surface. A dental exam also gives a visibility of dental cavities, plaque and caries.

Biting, chewing and grinding check: During a regular dental exam, our dentist checks your biting and chewing patterns. Young children and adults tend to grind or clench their teeth during sleep, this condition is known as bruxism. We educate our clients about the prevention and treatment options.

Dental cleaning: Dental cleaning involves the removal of plaque from the tooth surface. Plaque accumulation leads to dental cavities, gingivitis and other complex dental conditions.

X-ray: X-rays are a safe and effective image testing procedure to detect decay, tumours, bone loss and tooth positions.

Pediatric dentistry: We provide dental services for children across all age groups. From regular check-ups to dental cleanings, we recommend children to brush and floss twice a day and maintain proper oral health from a young age.

We also educate our clients about the importance of oral care, and offer sealants, custom mouth guards, and night guards to protect teeth from further damage. In case of any dental concern, get in touch with us.


Very Friendly. Very Caring.

I found them very friendly, very caring, I'm very scared of dentist, but they gave me great comfort, very professional.

-Tammy A.


Dental sealants protect your tooth enamel from decay and cavities, and give you a natural smile.

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